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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Adam is holding steady. I think some of the swelling has gone down at the back of his neck (swelling from his last round of radiation) as he says his neck feels a little better and he can move it a little. He seems to be breathing a little easier. We try to keep him comfortable, which was hard today as it was 87 degrees. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler. Adam has some friends coming over in the next couple of days which should make him happy. I want you to know that I read Adam all of your comments that you leave on the blog. Thanks for all of your support.


Blogger Enhance said...

Hey Tex,
The heat has been bad today, even here at the beach. The surf is microscopic...just perfect for my Stand Up Paddle Board. Today is the first day of Lobster season. All the fishermen are out working their traps. I paddled out to the kelp beds and next to the boats for a better look. The fishermen hardly gave me a glance they are so busy. We are all thinking of you. Stay cool.
Mr. Gresham

5:33 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Yo Tex,
Water polo practice has been intense this week. We swim a lot of 200s. I have gotten a lot better at them lately though so its not as bad. Your in my thoughts all day. Hope your getting some of the good vibes I'm sending your way. I'm gonna try and make it over really soon. I have water polo games Thursday and Friday night but this weekend I will be there.


6:11 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Tex it was so hot today! Running was not fun or easy. My team is leaving for Pennsylvania tomorrow to race on Saturday. Should be exciting. I've been thinking about you. You are a great guy and have touched my life in a very positive way.

Much Love

8:13 PM

Blogger Zeina Zakkout said...

Hey Adam! It was so good to see you today even though it was only for a few minutes. I have a really funny story for you; that montgomory flea market youtube you sent me had a spoof on american would love it :) . I'll see you tomorrow! Keep on truckin' sweet pea!


9:11 PM

Blogger alex vacar said...

tex! i'm listening to pig destroyer. i'll be taking a TAKN down to san diego this weekend. it'll be an ICAL time. stay strong broseph. i love you man. see you soon.


10:15 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Adammmm - I have a huge chemistry test tomorrow and it makes me miss our passionate chats about science. All I have to do is take it and then I am coming home and will hopefully see you! I love you like I love sublimation (aka a lot).

12:13 PM

Blogger Mary Harper said...

Hi, Tex,

This is Michael Harper's mom, Mary. We met several years ago when you came over to our home in Solana Beach, including that cool party where you, Michael, Peter and Dave were all dressed up in sport coats. I also remember you from water polo after you moved from Texas. Two years ago, we used to talk about what you were going through and how you handled it all so well.

I've been following your progress, and just want to say how much we're all thinking about you. You are definitely in our prayers and we look forward to seeing you soon. Michael has always loved seeing you when he's home from the Academy, and we send you much love and support!!


2:00 PM

Blogger JakeC22 said...

just to tell you, i watched youtube videos today and thought of you...."the back of yo head is ridiculous." i miss you and hope to come by soon and watch video's with you. you are in my prayers every night.
<3 nubia

2:34 PM

Blogger Tim said...


It is cool here in Michigan. 39 deg. this morning. Had to sit in the cold and rain last night to watch Nick's football game. He played well, but they lost again.

You, and your whole family are in my prayers every day. I will call this weekend.

Uncle Tim

7:47 AM

Blogger Tim said...


The comments and the love that your friends have for you, as you see in their postings really show how great of a man you are. The old saying is that you cannot pick your family, but you can pick your friends. You are very blessed to have such great friends, and it says volumes about the man you are that they love you so much. I am sure every one of them will say that their life is enriched to know you and call you their friend. I am blessed to have you as my nephew.

Uncle Tim

8:06 AM

Blogger Jenn said...

hey adam,

its your favorite sailor :-P remember the time you said poop in front of me and i got so mad? i was laughing about that earlier today when i told one of my sailors they werent allowed to say poop. im thinking of you a lot. stay strong.

xoxo jenn

11:47 AM

Blogger Jan Boettcher said...

Hey Tex,
It was great visiting you on Thurs. I miss you and the other guys hanging out with Tyler. You know I always loved to watch your water polo games. Could you hear me cheering you boys on? You and Tyler are buddies for life baby. Rest up, the boys are coming to visit you, and you know how rowdy they get! Love you. Jan

9:25 PM


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