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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday found us at the Shiley Eye Center again. This time Adam saw the retina specialist instead of the cornea specialist. They did a gruelling set of eye pictures. He had to get some fluorescein injected into his vein and then they took pictures of the back of his eye. They used three different cameras to get three different types of pictures. The pictures took over two hours and then he had wait to see the doctor and get the results. They are still not completely sure why his eyes are so cloudy but they are leaning towards his cornea. He still has some scratches on his cornea so he has some new drops to help with that. He actually did a little better on the eye test with his left eye but his right eye is still bad. The two doctors want to confer to try to figure out what is the best course.

Wednesday was our usual trip to UCLA. No chemo this past Wednesday, just an mri and a doctor's visit. The mri showed a small amount of growth in the brain and the tumor above his right ear. Dr. Cloughesy isn't too concerned as Adam has only had a round and a half of his new chemo regimen. The good news is that Adam gained 5 pounds. Now Bill has to lose 5 pounds. That is their deal. Bill needs to hit the gym a little more often. Adam wants to gain another two pounds by next Wednesday so Bill really better get moving.


Blogger marilyn said...

Given the contest between Adam and Bill, my money is on Adam:) GO ADAM!

9:40 AM

Blogger Shirley said...

5 lbs! Yahoo. Way to go, Adam.
Love to you from Bruce, Shirley, Peter, & Whitney.

3:33 PM


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