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Monday, June 09, 2008

Our day started early today with a 6:45 am trip to UCSD for radiation. They were supposed to be continuing radiation on Adam's neck and starting radiation on Adam's eye. But after a few minute wait they came and told us that the machine was down and we would have to wait at least half an hour. Since we had to be in LA for chemo we said we couldn't wait and we headed off to UCLA. Adam's counts were very low today (the lowest they've ever been) so Adam could only get one of the three chemo drugs. Until his counts come up he has to avoid public places. He gets more blood work on Wednesday and Mac graduates from the 8th grade on Thursday. Adam is hoping his counts are up enough to attend Mac's graduation.

We are going to talk to Dr. Murphy tomorrow about whether or not we should continue radiation on Adam's neck. The tumors there seem to be a little slower growing and his throat is so bad right now from the radiation that he can hardly swallow. He's lost a lot of weight (and he did not start out with a lot of body fat!) so we are trying to make every bite count. Dr. Cloughesy is going to do a CAT scan of his whole body and an MRI next Monday. Then we will know if we are getting the tumors under control or not. Dr. Cloughesy told Adam that any treatments he doesn't want he doesn't have to have. Adam wants to continue with treatments agressively right now.


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