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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sat. May 13/ Sun. May 14
Adam wants to go to UCSC to see his friends before school ends. This weekend will be one of the last weekends before Adam starts treatment. So we get up at 4 am to hit the road. We only hit a little bit of traffic on the north side of LA and then it's the long boring drive through the central valley. Adam's friends have signed a lease for an off campus house for next year and he is excited to see it. They visit it on Saturday afternoon. I spend my time alone shopping and reading. Adam spends the night in his old dorm room and I spend the night at a local hotel. Adam has a great time. The trip home was a long one. The car hits a screw along the twisting route 152. The screw goes in the side of the tire and out the bottom. Of course it's two lanes, no shoulder and no cell signal. We drive a little until we get to a small pull-off and wait for about 20 minutes but no one stops. I tell Adam to get back in the car and scrunch down as I think no one is stopping for us because Adam is tall and strong looking and no one probably realizes we need help. He get in the car and two minutes later a husband and wife, both off-duty cops, stop to help us. They help us put on the spare which is a mini-spare. It is low on air they make me promise that I won't drive all the way home with the spare. You can't go over 45 mph with the mini-spare and I'm over 300 miles from home! I can't get to a new tire fast enough! Luckily we were only about 20 minutes away from the Gilroy Costco so I stop there and they have one tire left that fits the car! I take it! This side trip adds about 3 hours on to our 8 hour drive so we pull into the driveway around midnight. I miss my mother's day dinner at Chateau Orleans. Bill, Kevin, John and Mac went without us and they bring home beignets but when Adam and I get home there's none left. What a mother's day.


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