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Monday, May 26, 2008

I know I have not posted lately so let me give you a quick update for the last year. Adam had another brain tumor removed in July 2007, followed by more radiation and chemo. He was doing well but due to the need to be close to UCLA, Adam has been going to school at UCSD. He misses UCSC a lot but has many friends at UCSD. In April 2008 Adam had a tumor removed from his neck. They are using that tumor to make a brain cancer vaccine for him. There are still some hoops to jump through and some red tape to get through but we are hopeful that all of that will be cleared up. In May 2008 he had a PET scan and that revealed some more tumors. He has some tumors on vertebrae C4-T1 and T4 and T5 and on the head of the left humerus. He also has tumors in the lymph nodes in the lungs. Adam is currently undergoing radiation to the neck area and has started on two new chemo drugs. I will try (yet again!) to update the blog more often.


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