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Monday, July 14, 2008

A lot has happened since last Tuesday. Adam had a feeding tube put in last Friday. He fought getting a tube until the minute they put him under. He has fought harder against the feeding tube than anything in the last two years. He is still complaining about the tube today. We are already getting more calories in him. He only weighed 122 pounds today but I'm sure he weighed less than that last Friday. He had about 1400 calories yesterday and by the time he goes to bed tonight he should have about 1800 calories. We are trying to get him on a schedule so that we can maximize the number of calories he gets. The tube is actually good as we can wake him up do a tube feeding and then he can go right back to sleep. Today he was already bugging the doctor about when he could get the tube out. The doctor told him that it's too early to bug him. After he gains some weight he can start bugging the doctor.

The mri today showed that the brain tumor has grown a little but the doctor said he was pleased that it wasn't bigger given that he hasn't had chemo in several weeks. He will probably be able to do avastin (chemo for his brain tumor) next week. He may have to wait a little longer for the other chemo drugs but we will work hard to get weight on him so he can get back to a chemo routine.

Dr. Cloughesy said that we are almost through all the hoops for Adam to get the brain cancer vaccine. Adam will have to undergo cytapheresis two different times to gather white blood cells to make the vaccine. This is something that Adam desparately wants so we will use this to get him to eat. Once the vaccine is made he will have to get a series of injections. This will be a piece of cake for Adam.

Adam has to go to the eye doctor tomorrow. His eyelid is looking much better but his vision is still not very good. We will have a better idea of how he's doing after tomorrow.


Blogger RC said...

Thank you for the news. I'm glad to heard Adam is on his way to gain weight and get better. Sorry to hear he had to go the tube route, but Adam is strong. He can do it.

Please let him know we all think about him all the time up here in Santa Cruz, and want him to get better.

Best wishes,

2:34 PM

Blogger marilyn said...

Just got your blog address and have been catching up. Wow. So much for Adam to go through. Sounds like you have a good plan and I'm glad to hear he will be able to gain some weight and continue treatment. We're keeping you all in our thoughts. Please let us know if you need anything when you're in the area. Jimmy is having his surgery at UCLA this Thursday, so we'll be there Thur-Fri.
Marilyn, Evro, Emilia & Jimmy

12:59 PM

Blogger Carolyn B. said...

I just received your blog info from my Mother. We're so sorry to hear about Adams challenges. He is one brave guy! Actually, the strength of your whole family is amazing.

The vaccine certainly sounds promising. It's good that he is gaining the weight necessary for the treatment.

Wish we could help in some way. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Bruce and Carolyn B.

4:02 PM


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