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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We went to UCLA yesterday and Adam still weighs 125 lbs. He has agreed (grudgingly) to get a feeding tube. I am working on getting him his appointment and surgery set up for that this morning. Due to his low weight he was unable to do chemo yesterday. He only got glucose due to his dehydration. His dehydration is causing some tachycardia so the doctor is anxious to get the feeding tube surgery going.

Adam is at the eye doctor right now. His eyelid has severe radiation burn so he is getting that looked at. His vision also seems to be affected so he will have that tested as well.

He is still feeling tired due to his lack of nutrition. Once he gets his feeding tube and he starts eating more he should start to feel more energetic.

Adam had a great time this past weekend with all of his friends that came down from Santa Cruz. There were twenty people here at dinner on Saturday night. He has great friends.

I will try to update everyone as soon as Adam has his feeding tube put in.


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