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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It was not a good day for Adam. He is feeling miserable and has not been eating much at all. He lost 13 pounds over the last week, down to 125 pounds. His face is badly burned from radiation and his tongue is raw. The doctor upped his pain killers so he can try to eat more. Adam has to gain weight by next Monday or he has to get a feeding tube. He is adamantly against it, but it was the compromise. The doctor would have done it yesterday. They didn't do chemo yesterday because of his weight but they sent him to the chemo room and pumped him full of glucose. This was to help get him less dehydrated and to hopefully get him started on a weight gaining path. He has eaten a little more today, all in the form of smoothies. Bill has been making him smoothies with whole fat yogurt, ice cream, tofu, protein powder, Boost, whole milk, and various other things. Adam has great incentive to gain weight. We also got a little good news, the FDA has approved the vaccine for Adam (after Dr. Cloughesy jumps through a few more hoops.) Adam has to donate blood two seperate times in order for them to make the vaccine. The doctor told him he can't do that right now because he's too thin. This is huge incentive for Adam to gain weight! We will keep pushing the high calorie smoothies!

Adam saw the radiation oncologist today and he said no more radiation for Adam. This was fine as Adam had already said that he would not do any more radiation. They had stopped doing radiation over a week ago and thought maybe they would continue after a week break but Adam says he's never doing radiation again. We got a new cream to help with the burn. Hopefully this will give him some relief.

Adam has to go to the ENT on Thursday just to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong with his mouth and throat. Hopefully there will be nothing serious.



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