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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday was our normal UCLA day. Only lab tests and chemo this past Wednesday but everything went well. Adam gained two pounds in the last week (Bill's exercising as I type) and his mouth infection is looking much better. Dr. Cloughesy will be back in town next Wednesday so hopefully we'll be able to steal a few minutes with him (Adam is again scheduled for chemo only) and find out how the vaccine is coming along. I heard from UCSD today about Adam's jaw physical therapy (typical UCSD, three phone calls to get an answer, and I was originally told we could get an appointment in three days, but when they finally call me back, his appointment is in two weeks.) Once he can get his mouth open wider, he can get more food in his mouth and then he will be gaining weight right and left!


Blogger Martha said...

Dear Patty and Adam,

Shana shared your news and this blog which was a great idea. I remember you all so fondly - so do Jane and Dimitri. We all wish you everything good in all that you must do to get better.

with fondness,
Martha Macris

6:00 AM

Blogger RC said...

Hello Patty and Adam

I just wanted to congratulate Adam on his weight-gaining streak. Keep it buddy! You rock!

best regards,

10:55 PM

Blogger Luda5 said...

Hey Patty and Adam,

Keep up the good work Adam! We still miss you very much in Santa Cruz and we wish you all the best.

Wishing All The Best,

8:20 AM


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