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Friday, August 29, 2008

Adam has a dose of steroids in addition to his avastin, gemzar and taxotere. Dr. Kikkawa is hoping that the steroids will help to reduce some of the presssure on his optic nerve so his vision will get a little better. Adam hasn't noticed much difference yet. He has been really sick the last few days. The chemo usually doesn't affect him too bad but for some reason this last round has really given him a beating. He seems to be feeling a little better tonight which is good because the steroids should increase his appetite and he could use that! Adam didn't get weighed on Wednesday so hopefully by the time we get to the doctor's next, he will have gained several more pounds. Adam goes to physical therapy next Tuesday and hopefully will get some additional movement in his jaw. Next week is a week off from the doctor and chemo. The following week though will be a pet scan, mri, chemo and doctor visit.


Blogger Zeina Zakkout said...

Love you Adam! You're such a stud, thinking about you everyday!

5:28 PM

Blogger Shane said...

The Mccauley brothers are cheering you on! Hey, are your nurses hot? I know that that is the real reason Mac likes to go with you - he's checking the nurses out! sweet.

7:50 AM


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